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Protect your home away from home with Orbit

In Canada, we know how to cottage! With the sun reflecting off the water or a picture-perfect view of the leaves changing colours, there is almost nothing as perfect as owning a vacation home in Canada.  

When you find the right location, you want to make sure you keep it in tiptop shape throughout the seasons. Orbit is here to be your insurance ally, and your trusted advocate. We provide coverage for each cottage owner's needs, depending on how they plan to use their property.  

Ensure you’re ready for cottage season every year.  

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Your coverage should be tailored to you.

We understand that there is no one size fits all approach to vacation homes. 

From a home near the beach to a cabin deep in the woods, Orbit has comprehensive coverage and knowledgeable insurance brokers to help take care of your unique vacation property 

It’s important to note that to insure a cottage, cabin, chalet, or other vacation property, you must have a primary residence that is also insured. Don’t miss any details and let Orbit worry about your insurance so you and your family can make the most of your vacation! 

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Questions about insuring your cottage, cabin, or second home?

It’s important to us that we have coverage for all your needs and plans, while always offering competitive pricing. That’s why we have options! Orbit has coverage for cottages, cabins, camps, chalets, and more.

Contact an Orbit insurance broker at 844-929-4768 for more information on coverage for your specific needs. 

Insurance can change depending on the planned use of the property, the location, and any risks associated with the environment (e.g., water damage, fire protection, renting, etc.).  

We are experts in understanding the coverage you need to ensure you are protected from roof to foundation. Let’s have a chat about your vacation home plans!

Contact an Orbit insurance broker today at 844-929-4768.  

Similar to your primary residence, when it comes to your vacation home, you want to protect what matters most.

Cottages can be at risk for more unforeseen damages because of the infrequency of use. Not having the proper coverage for roof damage, mould, or natural disaster risks can quickly turn a memory maker into a money pit. Here at Orbit, you can discover service that resolves around you and the protection you need.

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