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No need to slow your horses with Orbit

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Show jumper on their horse in mid-jump during a competition.

Investing in your horse’s wellness

Your horse is a part of your family.


That’s why at Orbit we are committed to making sure you and your four-legged companion are taken care of so you can keep riding on. Whether you ride for fun or competition, we have coverage options to fit your riding needs.

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Only available in Quebec.

A young person is thrilled to embrace a foal under the watchful eye of the mare in a sunny paddock.
Three riders on horseback arrive back at the ranch from a fun trail ride

From wheels to hooves, we’ve got you covered

Orbit is here for you and your passions, whether that passion has four wheels or four hooves. With Orbit, your horse will be properly protected by coverage that can insure: 

  • equestrian equipment 

  • medical expenses 

  • horse trailers 

  • horse disability due to injury 

  • and civil liability to protect you and others from unforeseen injury or property damage.  

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to the best saddles and treatment for your four-legged companion. Learn more about the Equine Insurance options available to you by talking to an Orbit insurance broker today. 

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Only available in Quebec.

Questions about insuring your horse?

Buying and supporting a horse is an investment. Just like how you take care of your house, it’s important that you also have the right insurance for your horse. At Orbit, we’re here to be your insurance ally, and your trusted advocate. Everything we do revolves around you.

Speak to an Orbit insurance broker about your horse insurance needs today, call 800-567-0927.

Only available in Quebec.

At Orbit, we recommend having equine insurance. In the case of illness or injury, your horse can receive the treatment they need. You can also ride easy knowing that you and others are protected in case of injury or property damage. 

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Only available in Quebec.