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Make your event one to remember

We want your next event to be the best it can be! From extravagant prizes to an amazing turnout, you work hard to make sure your upcoming sporting event is a success. 

With Orbit Prize Insurance, more commonly known as prize indemnity insurance, you can splurge on high-value prizes without the risk to your final budget. 

Not available in Quebec.

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Planning a golf tournament?

Call in the golfers with hole-in-one prizes that wow. Orbit's Hole-in-One Insurance helps organizers pay out for high-value prizes in the case of a hole-in-one. 

Our prize insurance team has more than 25 years of experience in this specialty area of insurance. So, you can keep planning big and let us worry about the hole-in-one insurance.

Not available in Quebec.

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Confetti falls around an excited prize-winner.

Orbit’s Visible Vault Program

The Orbit Visible Vault program helps add high-value excitement to events that want prize values up to $1,000,000. Include prizes such as property, vehicles, vacations, and cash at your next event to draw a big crowd. 

This program is great for:

  • sales promotions, 
  • open houses, 
  • trade shows, 
  • charity events, 
  • and more! 

Contact an Orbit insurance broker for a custom quote on your upcoming event. 

Not available in Quebec.

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Engage hockey fans with big prizes

For your next hockey tournament or event, protect your high-value prizes with Orbit Hockey Prize Indemnity Program. 

We have coverage options for exciting games that will draw the crowds in such as rapid-fire challenges, score-o challenges, and face-off challenges. Contact an Orbit insurance broker to learn more about prize protection for your next hockey event.

Not available in Quebec.

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A close-up of a basketball going in the basket.

Bring fans to the court to win big

We understand the excitement of watching someone land a three-point shot for a life changing prize! As you plan your next basketball tournament or event, don’t forget about Prize Indemnity insurance to protect your big prizes. 

At Orbit, we will the take on the risk of a winning high-value prize, so your event budget doesn’t have to. From basketball skill challenges to half court/double court shots, we’re here to keep the fun times rolling with peace of mind.  

Not available in Quebec.

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Prize challenges for your bonspiel

Offering big prizes can add that extra wow factor that your curling event attendees are looking for. 

Why not include a draw to the button or draw to the pin challenge with a luxury vacation waiting for one lucky winner! 

With our Curling Prize Indemnity Insurance, you can offer up that high-value prize without worrying about the pay out if someone wins. We’re here to help!  

Not available in Quebec.

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A close-up of a curling stone sliding close to the button.
Gamers at an event raise their arms in triumph.

Promote your next event with the chance to win big

Have a unique event that needs prize protection? Our friendly, knowledgeable brokers will work with you to develop a promotion that provides you peace of mind while ensuring your event is a success. 

We have Prize Indemnity insurance for sports and skills challenges, odds-based challenges, weather promotions and more. 

Contact an Orbit insurance broker to learn more about your options!  

Not available in Quebec.

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Questions about Prize Indemnity Insurance?

Prize insurance ensures that you can offer high-value prizes at your next event without the risk of paying out from your own budget in the case of a win. Orbit takes on the risk so you can focus on what really matters.

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Not available in Quebec.

You work hard to bring an exciting and successful event to life. Having high-value prizes like cars, vacations, and cash can help bring in the crowds and get even more people involved. But when someone wins, paying out a high-value prize can feel like a major loss to your budget. With Prize Insurance, you can keep planning big knowing that Orbit will cover the cost of your prizes in the case of a win.

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Not available in Quebec.