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The insurance you need to drive in Mexico

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View through the windshield of a car driving through the streets of Mexico.

Planning to drive in Mexico this holiday?

As a Canadian driving in Mexico, it’s important to have the right insurance

Whether you’re planning to drive an RV, car, or motorcycle during your time in Mexico, we've got you coveredOur friendly and knowledgeable insurance brokers will ensure you’re ready to go with the protection you need at each step of the journey.

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Dancers in traditional Mexican garb perform on the street during a festival in Mexico.
A tanned couple relaxes on the porch of their RV, parked on a sunny beach in Mexico.

We have you covered

Orbit offers you the insurance you need to make sure that you and your vehicle are protected when driving in Mexico.

If you're planning on driving while you're in Mexico, contact an Orbit insurance broker to understand the specific coverage you need.

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Questions about insurance for driving in Mexico?

When driving in Mexico, you must have vehicle insurance that is recognized there. Your Canadian vehicle insurance is not valid for driving in Mexico. 

It’s important that you get recognized Personal Liability Insurance, at the very least, before driving a car, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle in Mexico.

An Orbit insurance broker can help ensure you have everything you need to protect yourself and your vehicle while driving in Mexico. 

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Unlike some other destinations, when you travel to Mexico your Canadian insurance doesn’t protect you.

Our vehicle insurance for Mexico is tailor-made to ensure that you can legally drive in Mexico and have the protection you need. Depending on your plans, you may also need boating insurance for specific areas of Mexico.

Call an Orbit insurance broker at 800-567-0927 to learn more. 

Working with Orbit means working with a broker who is your ally. Our goal is to always ensure you feel understood, advised and protected because at Orbit, everything we do revolves around you.

Call an Orbit insurance broker at 800-567-0927 to learn more.