Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness can have a serious impact on your finances

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Protect your finances and your family

Diseases like cancer, stroke, and heart attack are serious events, and it can take a long time to recover. A serious illness can have a huge impact on your finances. Critical Illness Insurance is specially designed to cover the costs of recovery — including the expenses not covered by your provincial health plan. 

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Build the perfect portfolio of protection, including Critical Illness Insurance, with Orbit

Let your friendly and knowledgeable Orbit broker show you how Critical Illness Insurance is the perfect complement to your other insurance products, like disability and life insurance.

Unlike life insurance, Critical Illness Insurance provides tax-free payments as soon as an illness covered by your policy is diagnosed. That way, the money is available right when you need it.

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Orbit can help you maintain your quality of life, even if a serious illness happens

While a serious illness can have a major impact on your life, it doesn’t have to turn your finances upside down. An Orbit broker can help you understand your options when it comes to Critical Illness Insurance. 

Get the coverage you need to protect your finances and help you focus on recovery. 

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Questions about Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance pays a tax-free benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered by your policy. Contact your Orbit broker to learn more about Critical Illness Insurance and how it can protect your finances.

There is no deductible for Critical Illness Insurance. Your Orbit broker can provide more information about how the policy works.

Every policy is different. Speak to an Orbit broker to learn more about the different coverage available

Critical Illness Insurance is important for anyone who wants to protect their family and their finances against the unexpected costs that can come with a serious illness.

At Orbit, we don’t just work with one insurance carrier. So, we can be your ally. Our brokers focus on finding the right coverage for your needs. We work to ensure you feel understood, advised and protected because at Orbit, we revolve around you.