Date Published: 2024/06/20

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The Best RV Campsites in Canada

An RV is parked by a lake in an Alberta national park with the rocky mountains in the background.

Canada is an incredible country to explore in your RV. From mountains to open valleys to incredible spots along the way, you’ll certainly find enough road trips to keep you busy for years to come. Before you hit the road, take a look at the top RV campsites across the country, those that give you the experience you desire and more.

There are numerous factors that make these the best RV campsites in Canada. If you’re looking for true adventure, any of these locations could be the ideal choice.

Pinery Provincial Park – Ontario

If you love the outdoors, particularly bird watching, Piney Provincial Park is one of the best RV parks. It’s fantastic because it has its own ecosystem. You can park your RV at the onsite Riverside Campground to get everything you need. It’s a short walk to the Dunes Campground where you can reach the beach, too.

Similkameen Valley – British Columbia

If you’re looking for RV campsites in British Columbia, check out Similkameen Valley, a destination noted for its orchards and wineries, but also the hiking and biking paths perfect for exploration from spring through fall. There are numerous campgrounds for RVs throughout the valley. In the winter, check out Princeton Municipal RV Park.

Birds Hill Provincial Park – Manitoba

In Manitoba, make your way to Birds Hill Provincial Park for a long walk through the wildflowers in spring or to explore the beautiful hiking trails when fall arrives. There’s also the Winnipeg Folk Festival that is one of the largest in North American to enjoy here. There are fully serviced campsites and campgrounds right on the South Drive, which is right along the lake.

Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park – Alberta

For those who want the best RV sites that put you in the ideal position for fishing, you have to plan a trip to Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park. Bring (or rent) a boat to get out onto McLeod Lake. It’s so beautiful here, and you may want to make this a trip you take more than once a year. The campground offers RV parking as well as lakeside and tent-only locations (in case spending the night by the lake in a tent is the perfect way to end your day.)

Algonquin Provincial Park – Ontario

Canoeing can be a fascinating way to get in a good workout and take on a fantastic adventure. Do so at Algonquin Provincial Park. It’s the perfect place for fishing and biking. There are RV camping-designated locations here, with options for virtually any type of RV you are bringing, as well as sites that offer electrical outlets. Choose those that give you the best view of the outdoors.

Willow Rock Campground – Alberta

If the thought of climbing in the mountains to reach the perfect vista that overlooks a stunning, seemingly endless forest sounds like a dream, plan a trip to Willow Rock Campground. Fishing, hiking, meeting people, exploring the mountain ecosystem, and relaxing under the stars are just some of the activities to enjoy here. The park is one of the best locations for RVing in the Rockies.

Jasper National Park – Alberta

Jasper National Park should be at the top of your list to visit at least once in your life if you love wildlife watching. What you’ll find are long hiking trails – some of which are competitively challenging. You’ll also see bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and hundreds of birds along the way. The stunning views are secondary only to the exceptional stars in the dark black sky at night.

Campers Cove – Ontario

Another option for those who want a simpler type of trip is to visit Campers Cove. It’s right on Lake Erie, and that gives you access to a very basic, relaxed space. You can spend your days on the beach or head out to a local winery for a bit of fun. There are endless possibilities.

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