Date Published: 2024/07/04

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X Steps to Take After an Accident With Your Collector Car

Close up of a black car with structural damage on the side of it.

Car accidents can be scary and unnerving. If it happens to your classic T-bird or vintage Chevrolet Corvette, it can feel even more devastating. However, the best way to work your way through the adrenaline rush and shock is to be fully prepared, so you can speed up your insurance claim and the repairs.

What to do after an accident?

Use these six steps to minimize the damage, ensure everyone's safety, and get the ball rolling back to normalcy.

1. Make Your Car Safe

If it was a small fender bender, pull off to the side of the road out of the path of oncoming traffic. If the car accident is more severe, turn off your ignition. 

2. Check Yourself and Others for Injury

Once any immediate threat is addressed, take a moment and check on your passengers, the other driver, and yourself. If your head or neck hurts, sit down and wait for assistance. If able, break out the first aid kit.

3. Call the Authorities

Due to the high cost of repairing a classic car, nearly any car accident will need to be reported to the police even if the damage is minor. So, place a call to the local police department, EMS for injuries, and roadside assistance for a tow.

4. Use Your Smartphone to Record the Details

Make sure to exchange information with the other parties. This means sharing your name, address, driver's license number, phone number, and email. They will need the year, make, and model of your vehicle and the name of anyone else involved.

It's okay to snap pics of their information, their license plates, damage to the vehicles, and road conditions. Wide-angle shots give the best context if there was a hazard that caused somebody to swerve. 

5. Looking After Your Collector Car

Now that most of the excitement is over, it is time to ensure that your baby gets to the best place possible for repairs. If possible, ask the tow truck driver to flat-bed your vehicle preventing any further damage. Using a wheel lift may exacerbate hidden problems in the suspension caused by the wreck. Then see if they can take it directly to your preferred repair shop or your home. This can save you time and money compared to having it stored in an impound lot for a few days.

6. Open Your Collector Car Insurance Claim

Now it's time to ring your classic car insurance company. For the first call, they will just log the time, location, and major details of the car accident. You may set up a time when things are calmer to do a detailed report online or over the phone. Eventually, you will need to provide the police report and coordinate a day for the adjuster to see your vehicle.

The initial call to the insurance broker is just a notification. It helps to put things in motion for getting your repairs and medical costs covered and possibly setting up a rental.

Getting the Right Collector Car Insurance Now Can Make Fixing a Fender Bender Easier

The best defence for weathering an accident with as little stress as possible is to have the best possible insurance for your classic car.

Now is a great time to check in with your broker at Orbit Insurance Services and review your liability coverage and an agreed value for your ride. As a collector car, the cost of replacing or even finding parts can be much higher compared to sourcing repairs for a modern ride. Your insurance policy should reflect those expectations.

You may wish to upgrade coverage for towing so that the extra mileage needed to get to your preferred garage is included. Learn more about how collector car insurance from Orbit Insurance Services can fully protect your exotic, rare, or adored muscle car with a quick call today.