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Whether you’re dreaming of exploring the open roads on a cross-country road trip or simply having a portable home away from home, it’s important to have the right coverage to support you on your journey. Choosing Orbit for your insurance needs means you get our many years of expertise and experience in protecting RVs, campers, and motorhomes. 

Contact an Orbit insurance broker today to learn more about our tailor-made coverage for your RV.

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Working directly with an insurance broker who understands your plans and needs means more time doing what you love, with the right protection on your side. 

Our friendly, knowledgeable insurance brokers have years of experience working with explorers just like you to find competitive pricing for RV and motorhome insurance. Let your dedicated broker worry about insurance so you can hit the road with ease. Discover service that revolves around you.

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Fifth Wheel Insurance

You want space to move, comfort on the road, and the feeling of home no matter where you are. Fifth wheel trailers provide all of that. 

Protect your rig with the right coverage. From extended warranty on appliances, pet injury coverage, and lock replacement, we have you covered. 

At Orbit we offer comprehensive add-ons to ensure you and your rig are protected at every location. Setting up camp near the water? Add our water protection coverage endorsement for overland water and sewer back-up protection. Contact an Orbit insurance broker today to learn more about the coverage options available to you.*

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region


Travel Trailer Insurance

Travel trailers are as unique as the people that pull them. With different sizes, features, and add-ons, your compact home has everything you need. 

It’s important to protect your investment with the right coverage. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a traveller with the perfect location scouted for a long-term holiday, we’re here to support your travel trailer plans. 

Travel Trailer Insurance has you covered from wheels to roof with collision, fire, theft, vandalism, wind coverage, and more. Your insurance needs are as unique as you are. That’s why we work with several insurance providers to find you the coverage you need at the best possible rate. 


Contact an Orbit insurance broker today for more information.

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region.

Tent Trailer Insurance

A pop-up or tent trailer is an easy, affordable option for quick trips and weekend exploring. Like any trailer, you want to ensure your traveling home is protected from water, storm, and collision damage. We have you covered with comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing to support your travel plans. 

Planning on bringing your four-legged friend on the road? We have pet injury coverage to protect your pets in case of injury while traveling in your tent trailer. So not only can you tour with ease of mind knowing your trailer has the right protection, but your furry friends are also covered. 

Chat with an experienced Orbit insurance broker today to learn more about the coverage options for your specific travel plans.

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region.


Truck Camper Insurance

For the traveler who wants the convenience and benefits of a trailer while also having the flexibility of being able to easily pick up and hit the road, the truck camper is the perfect fit. With your hitch free for boats, ATVs, and even horse trailers, you can explore the way you want to. 

Hit the road with confidence knowing that you have the protection you need. Our friendly and knowledgeable insurance brokers can help you find the perfect coverage for your needs with the best rate available.

With Orbit, you can discover service that revolves around you.

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region.

Class A Motorhome Insurance

Class A motorhomes are specifically designed to provide comfort on the road while giving you a living space that feels like home. With options to add slide-out dining rooms, centrally controlled heating and air, and a full bathroom, what more could you need? 

The perfect motorhome needs the perfect coverage. With Orbit, you have access to all perils coverage which protects you from many losses, such as:

  • collision,
  • fire,
  • theft,
  • wind,
  • and more.

 You can also explore with confidence with extras like: 

  • accident benefits,
  • third-party liability coverage, 
  • and family protection.

At Orbit, we revolve around you. Contact an Orbit insurance broker today to learn more about insuring your class A motorhome.

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region.


Class B Motorhome Insurance

Want to see the mountains with fresh eyes? A class B motorhome is the perfect mix of ease and comfort. Your touring van isn’t just a van, the class B has everything you need for a home away from home! So, protect it with insurance coverage that works for you. 

From all peril's coverage, including collisions, wind, and hail damage to contents coverage in your class B, we have comprehensive options for your coverage needs. 

Need a little extra for a long road trip? You always have the option of adding driving record protector coverage for ease of mind on the road. Contact an Orbit insurance broker today!

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region.

Class C Motorhome Insurance

Class C motorhomes are built with a distinct cab-over bunk design to provide you with space for storage or an extra bed, but also the power to move out whenever you want without relying on a truck to tow. Like with other class motorhomes, Orbit has tailor-made coverage options to protect what matters most with accident benefits, all perils coverage for most losses, and family protection.

Whether you’re travelling with two or seven people, insure your class C motorhome with coverage that suits you. 

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region.


Park Model and Mobile Home Insurance

Your mobile home or park model trailer is truly a home away from home, without leaving behind the amenities you need. And just like your primary residence, you want to know that your mobile home is covered in the case of unforeseen damage.

Orbit has options for you. We offer coverage for trailer-related items that may be damaged or stolen, extended warranty on appliances, lock replacement, and more. Contact an Orbit insurance broker today and discover service that revolves around you.

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Please note: Product availability may vary depending on region. 

Keep exploring with ease!

Through our Emergency Roadside Service partners, you can secure:  

  • towing services, 
  • health care assistance to get access to a health care professional, 
  • trip planning,  
  • and legal assistance.  

Locked out of your RV or motorhome? Towing services can help with that! You can also drive on knowing you’re protected with 24/7 health care assistance and important safety information while on the go.

Curious about the Explorer RV Club? Members can access exclusive savings, optional Emergency Roadside Service tailored to RVs, and become part of a Canada-wide community of RV enthusiasts.

For residents of Quebec, the Fédération Québécoise de Camping et de Caravanning (FQCC) offers members savings at more than 1,900 travel-related businesses to ensure you are road trip ready and access to events and resources for every RV-lover.

Learn more about FQCC

Learn more about the Explorer RV Club

Questions about insuring your RV, trailer, or motorhome?

Orbit offers tailor-made insurance for: 

  • Fifth Wheels 
  • Travel Trailers 
  • Truck Campers 
  • Tent Trailers 
  • Class A Motorhomes 
  • Class B Motorhomes 
  • Class C Motorhomes 
  • Park Models and Mobile Homes 

Don’t see your RV listed above? Contact an Orbit insurance broker today at 844-929-4768 to learn more about the coverage you need.  

Yes. Just like how you need insurance for your car or truck, all motorhomes and camper vans also require insurance coverage.

Depending on the province you live in, the coverage needed can vary. Contact an Orbit insurance broker today at 844-929-4768 to get your RV or Trailer covered before your road trip.  

Premiums can vary depending on the size, value, location, and features of your specific RV.

A friendly and knowledgeable Orbit insurance broker can provide you with more information on the protection you need for your exact travel plans. Call now, 844-929-4768.

We want you to make happy, long-lasting memories on the road without worrying about protection and insurance. We’ll work with you to find the right insurance for your needs at the best rate available. Plus, we’ll search for discounts to help keep your premiums affordable. Working with Orbit means working with a broker who is your ally. Everything we do truly revolves around you.